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Five Wedding Photography Trends For 2023

While weddings themselves will always be in fashion, the look and feel of those weddings is something that constantly changes over time. In the 80s it was big gowns, big flowers and big veils, in the 90s it was sheath dresses, matchy matchy bridesmaids and chic elopements (which are making a comeback by the way), in the 00s it was strapless dresses, big bling and no religion, and today in the new 20s, it’s all about sustainability, mismatched bridesmaids and outdoor venues. But it’s not just wedding dresses, venues and accessories that change in popularity over time, so too does the preferred style of wedding photography. So without further ado, what are the wedding photography trends emerging throughout 2023?

Wedding Photography Trend One - High Contrast Photography

As the name suggests, this trend is all about taking photographs with high tonal contrast, the best and most commonly seen example of this is black and white photography. By capturing both light and dark tones in one image a photographer can create highly dramatic and impactful images that can help convey lots of texture and create moody and atmospheric photos. When it comes to weddings, look out for more and more black and white snaps making their way into couples final wedding photo albums this year.

Wedding Photography Trend Two - Using a Shallow Depth of Field

Shallow depth of field photography, sometimes also referred to as narrow or small depth of field, essentially means that only the main part of the photograph is in focus, the background and sometimes the foreground is intentionally blurred or without detail. It helps a photographer separate the subject of the image from the surrounding background and foreground, so the subject is the sole focus of the image. This can be an especially useful method of taking photos in scenarios like weddings, where spaces can become busy, lively and vibrant, especially as the wedding moves from the ceremony to the reception. It helps simplify the scenery and make sure the right things stand out.

Wedding Photography Trend Three - Using Vertical Photography

Another rising trend in wedding photography is the use of vertical or portrait photography. This is in part due to the rising trend in couples sharing their wedding photos across social media platforms and across mobile devices, for which vertically orientated photos are ideal. They look great shared in Insta stories especially and this is one of my favourite ways to showcase some of my favourite wedding photos. It also has some super practical benefits too, like focusing the subject at the centre of the image and removing most of the peripheral vision.

Wedding Photography Trend Four - Using Silhouettes

Silhouette photos are timeless. It’s what makes them a rising trend in wedding photography as it captures all the drama and emotion of the day in an elegant way that simply doesn’t date. It’s also a specific type of high contrast photography which as you now know, is another rising wedding photography trend for 2023.

Wedding Photography Trend Five - Muted Colours and Soft Filters

Last but by no means least, is the rising trend in wedding photographers using soft filters and muted colours when producing photos. Muted colours or tones are created when the colour saturation is decreased and one way to do this, is by mixing the colours with a neutral tone like black, grey and white. This creates a subdued, softer finish to the final photo. Depending on the filters and colour mix used, muted tones can also help evoke particular mood or atmosphere such as calm, tranquil, spacious, relaxed or contemporary and a good photography can use this technique to mirror the essence of your wedding day in the final photos.

Those are my top five wedding photography trends to watch over 2023 and into 2024.

I love keeping a close eye on the latest photography trends and ideas and I’m always looking for something new to try, so if you have a new idea or you’ve spotted a wedding photography trend you like, then let’s talk.

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