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10 Things Your Wedding Photographer NEEDS to Know

Updated: Jun 13, 2023


If you’re reading this then it must mean you, or someone you know is tying the knot. Getting married is one of the most exciting, but at times also one of the most taxing periods in your life. It requires a lot of planning and prep to help make sure you get the wedding day that really suits you. Luckily, when it comes to wedding photography at least, that’s where I can help!

I’ve photographed lots of different kinds of weddings in lots of different places and throughout those experiences I've learned a few things about how to make sure you get the wedding photos you want. So here’s my list of the top ten things your wedding photographer really needs to know, to make sure they can deliver the amazing wedding photos you deserve…

When it comes to getting a wedding photography quote, here’s what potential wedding photographers need to know…

  1. When you’re getting married - the wedding date.

    1. It sounds obvious, but wedding photographer’s need to know your wedding date so they can check their availability. This is where having a definite date really helps when it comes to sourcing quotes. It’s also worth knowing that some wedding photographers may offer a different price or package for midweek weddings too, so having a set date can help you get the right price.

  2. Where you’re getting married - the wedding venue

    1. Not only is this key logistical information, it can also help the photographer get an understanding of the style of your wedding and, if they have any relevant portfolio photos, they can share these with you so you can get a better idea of what your wedding photos could look like.

  3. How many people will be attending your wedding - the head count

    1. Depending on the number of guests at your wedding, your wedding photographer may recommend investing in a second photographer to really ensure everyone is captured in at least a few photos throughout the day. It will also help them plan group shots to ensure you get the best results for your wedding and it is good information to help manage timings - taking group photos of 30 people takes a lot longer than taking group photos of just 5 people for example, so arming your potential wedding photographer with this information will help them recommended the right photography package and duration for you

  4. How long would you like your photographer to be there - the timings

    1. It’s important to think about what parts of the day you’d really like capturing as this will help inform what wedding photography package is right for you. Most wedding photographers will offer a few different photography packages depending on how much time you’d like to spend with them, others (like me) will also be willing to work with you on a bespoke package, so you can make sure you get everything you want.

  5. What do you want to receive after the wedding - the deliverables

    1. It’s important to let your wedding photographer know what you’re expecting to be delivered after the big day. Are you simply looking for a USB of all your photos, or would you like a curated wedding album as well? How many printed photos would you like? Do you want multiple copies of USBs, albums and photos for other family members? All these things can help make sure both you and your photographer know what’s expected ahead of time and ensure you get the wedding photography package that’s right for you.

Once you’ve chosen your wedding photographer, here are the final details you need to tell your photographer to ensure the day goes without a hitch…

  1. The order of the big day

    1. Your wedding photographer needs to know what’s happening and when so they can be in the right places at the right times, and with the right set up! This should include information around arrival times, departure times, getting ready appointments e.g. when is the hairdresser arriving? When does the bridal prep start?, as well as the timings for the ceremony itself and other key events like the cutting of the cake and the first dance. The more detail here the better.

  2. The parking situation at the venue

    1. Photographers like me have a lot of expensive equipment, it’s what helps us take the amazing photos we do on your wedding day. Also like me, many photographers work alone, so understanding the logistics of where to park and how far I need to carry all of my equipment, is really handy information to know when I’m planning my schedule for your wedding day and to make sure I’m not lost or late!

  3. Group photo requirements

    1. If you’re planning on having group photos taken on your big day, it’s useful to let your photographer know what kind of group photos you’re interested in - while there are a few obvious choices, such as the bride and bridesmaids, the happy couple and their parents and so on, there are no doubt many other group photos unique to your family and friends and your wedding day, so sharing this information ahead of time, helps ensure you get the group photos you really want.

  4. Important family details

    1. This can be anything from the names of your parents, groomsmen and bridesmaids to more practical information such as any illnesses or disabilities which need to be considered. All this information is held in absolute confidence and I am always very understanding, respectful and appreciative of any personal information my couples share with me. It helps make sure I can accommodate everyone properly on the day and if nothing else, it’s always nice to be able to address people by their given names, especially when calling people to group photos!

  5. Specific photo requirements

    1. As well as group photos, you might be considering some more specific photo requirements, this can be anything from photos at specific places, or specific times (I love a sunset shoot myself) or perhaps with specific props, whatever you want, chances are your wedding photographer will be more than happy to accommodate, I know these more personal and stylised shots are some of my favourites to take, but do make sure you share these ideas before the big day. Again, it really helps with making sure everything is well planned and prepared ahead of time and in the case of any props you might like to include, it means they’re not forgotten or left behind!

  6. BONUS TIP - Share any planned surprises with your photographer!

    1. If you've already read my blog on successfully planning a surprise wedding, then you already know how important it is to let your photographer in on the secret. The same applies for any small surprises happening during your wedding day, even if the wedding itself isn’t a surprise at all. It helps make sure your photographer is ready to capture the big moment or the big reveal for you to treasure in the future.

So there you have it, my list of the most important things you need to tell your wedding photographer before the big day, to make sure you get the wedding photos you really want.

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