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Why It Doesn't Matter If Your Photographer Hasn't Shot Your Venue Before

When it comes to choosing the right wedding photographer for your big day, there’s lots of things you need to consider, BUT one thing that doesn’t matter quite as much as you might think, is whether or not your photographer has shot at your wedding venue before. Let me tell you why…

Your wedding is about the people, not the place

First things first, while it’s lovely to get married in an amazing venue, and yes okay, you definitely want to have this featured in your photos, more than anything else, your wedding snaps are all about the people. It’s about you and the people you love, celebrating together and having a great time, and that’s what the best wedding photographers are skilled at capturing, regardless of where your wedding takes place.

Creativity isn’t limited by the place where it happens

A big part of what you’re paying for when you book your wedding photographer is their creative style and flare. If you like what they do; how they frame their photos, the lighting they use, the final edit they apply to the final photos, then that’s the right photographer for you, no matter where their photos have or haven’t been taken before. That’s the part of each photographer's style that makes them unique and that style and creativity goes with them to every shoot - it’s not restricted to any particular place, it’s about the person.

If you're photographer hasn't shot your venue before, you’ll get a fresh perspective and new ideas

Sometimes one of the best bits about using a wedding photographer who hasn’t shot your venue before, is that they’ll approach it with a fresh perspective. So instead of getting the same set of wedding photos from that venue as everyone else who’s been married there before, you’re far more likely to get some new, different and interesting shots that really show off the best bits of your special day.

Even the same photographer, can’t take the same photo twice

While it’s tempting to think that if a photographer has shot a wedding at your venue before that they can take the same photos again for you, that’s not quite true! Lots of different things go into making the final photos you receive after your wedding day. Some of those things are in your wedding photographer’s control, like the final edit and the framing of the photo, but some things are completely outside their control like the natural light available on the day or the weather… and all of these things together, make the final photo.

Now of course, an experienced wedding photographer can work with things like inclement weather to still take an amazing photo (here’s a few of my favourites taken in the rain), but those same photos would be completely different if they were taken in the sunshine.

I guess what I am trying to say here in a very roundabout way, is that photography happens in real-time and that makes each photo slightly different every time. And honestly if you ask me, this is one of the best bits about photography anyway! So don’t get bogged down in trying to choose a wedding photographer based entirely on wanting them to re-do what they’ve done before at your wedding venue for someone else, if for no other reason than to make sure you get some unique wedding photos that are perfect for you on your wedding day, not borrowed from somewhere else.

Finally, if you’ve picked the right wedding photographer, it just won’t matter

At the end of the day, if you’ve picked the right wedding photographer, whether they’ve shot at your wedding venue before or not, it just won’t matter. Not to entirely rip off the scouts here, but a good photographer is always prepared, and a big part of getting prepared, especially for a new venue, is to pay a visit and get an understanding of the space, light and views available for photos on the big day.

This is something I always make time for before I shoot at a new venue. It gives me time to start thinking about shots I want to put together, well ahead of the big day itself. I also like to explore around the venue, to find some nearby places that can make for a great photo. It’s this extra effort and professionalism that means it doesn’t matter if your venue is a new one, a good wedding photographer will take their time to get to know it before your big day. And aside from that, as I’ve said before, your wedding is about the people not the place, your paying for your photographer’s creativity and signature style and hopefully, you’re looking for wedding photos that are unique to you and your wedding day, so if you like your photographer’s portfolio that’s all you really need to be confident in booking them for your big day.

In other words, trust your wedding photographer to do an amazing job and trust your own taste and judgement in choosing them. You’ve got this!

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